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 SacchAAr 880 Saccharimeter


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The SacchAAr 880 is a patented Duplex NIR High Penetration Saccharimeter; the first Saccharimeter that can measure samples at both the standard sodium yellow wavelength and also in the near infrared (NIR), for high penetration of dark samples.

The NIR wavelength is set at about 880nm, operating to an optical density of 4.5 OD, which eliminates the need to clarify tarehouse and factory sugar samples using poisonous lead acetate.

The SacchAAr 880 offers the user a choice of measuring scales:  I.S.S. (International Sugar Scale degrees Z), temperature corrected degrees Z and angular degrees at 589nm.  When measuring at sodium yellow (589.44nm), if the sample transmission falls below 3%, the display shows the message: 'dark sample - switch to IR'. 

Data entry is performed using a large and lockable alpha-numeric keypad with user-programmable built-in features including: Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) sample identification, temperature monitoring and user defined stability parameters.

Accuracy of the SacchAAr 880 is 0.001 Angular degrees between 0 to 10 and for the International Sugar Scale 0.01 degrees Z between 0 to 25Z.  Each reading takes on average only 25 seconds.

The SacchAAr 880 has a stable quartz halogen lamp light source, coupled with precise optical interference filters to select the sodium or IR wavelengths.

For calibration purposes, it does not matter if the quartz plate value is not known precisely at the IR wavelength, as the basic calibration check of the SacchAAr 880 is via a standard quartz plate at 589.44nm.  Clear sugar samples, of arbitrary rotation, can then be used to check the NIR calibration.  This patented feature enables the user to confirm calibration easily and at any time.  Should a recalibration be necessary, Optical Activity can supply Quartz Control Plates to use as reference standards, all with UKAS Certificates of Calibration, to guarantee traceability.

The SacchAAr 880 uses any standard sample tube (with 30mm diameter collars) including a wide range of stainless steel or glass, single sample or flow tubes.

  • High accuracy

  • Sodium yellow and near infrared wavelengths

  • Sample temperature monitoring

  • Fast reading times

  • Full GLP capability

  • Choice of reading modes

  • No need for lead acetate